My absolute FAVORITE lens is the one Josiah bought  me while he was deployed, a 50 mm f/1.8D. Nothing beats that 1.8! Well..I guess a 1.4 would, but for me…this lens is so fun to do portraits with! I used one of my vintage cameras as a subject today and put my 50mm on my Nikon. 

Having a fixed lens has made me move more while shooting and forced me to consider composition more in depth. I love it though! This depth-of-field sometimes gives me goosebumps! (Ok, slight exaggeration)

Here’s another shot using this lens  from up on the mountain a few days ago. I saw these cute little green buds on this baby tree and had Josiah stop so I could take some pictures. I only did a little bit of color-correction with this. 

Yay for spring! And finally, some pretty daffodils that I bought at the Lynchburg Farmer’s Market downtown on Saturday. The lady I bought them from was so friendly – we chatted a bit and I told her about my sprouting “garden” and she gave me some tips! I wish that I lived in a city big enough to have a fresh flower market open all the time.

The Countdown: 8 days until our Florida trip, and 10 days until my brother gets married! I made a budget today as suggested by Josiah’s parents (his mom and dad keep our spending on track!) We’re planning to spend $300 on gas alone! Groaaan. So painful. But I’ve managed to save up $250 towards our trip in the last two months, so I’m grateful for that. Plus we’re staying with friends in Jacksonville and we have over $100 in restaurant gift cards saved from Christmas and birthdays to help offset our food cost.

We are all SO excited and Josiah and I especially can’t wait to hit up the beach!

Oh, did I mention my birthday is this Friday? Yes, April 1st. No, I’m not fooling.


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