The Chronicles of My 23rd Birthday

My birthday was so great! Josiah surprised me on my “birthday eve” when I got home  from work – he had snuck into my house and decorated my room and door with pretty streamers and Happy Birthday banners. When I woke up on my birthday morning it was wonderful to hear the cheerful birds chirping outside and see those festive streamers!

To start with, the weather cooperated. It was sunny with blue skies and fluffy white clouds – the whole day! Slightly chilly, but no rain.

Josiah came over with the cake he had baked (his first cake-baking experience ever!) and it was sooo good – he did a super job! He also handmade me a card, complete with birthday party stickers allllll over it. 🙂 Loved it!

We then hopped into the truck and headed to historical downtown Lynchburg. We walked around and visited some shops, and found this cozy greenhouse with lovely flowers. I wanted to take them ALL home! (including the greenhouse)

Instead, I walked away with two potted succulents (pictured below), two Dahlia bulbs, and about 5 packs of seeds – Sweet Pea, Snap Peas, Watermelon, and Okra. I can’t wait to add them to my little garden!

I also got to take my own sweet time (such a luxury these days!) and photograph some pretty flowers outside the flower shop.

And a shot of the handsome guy accompanying me….

Later that afternoon Josiah had to leave for drill with the Army, and my parents and sister arrived to Lynchburg. We dropped Dad off to look at the gun store and Brelynn, Mom, and I hung out at JoAnne’s – YES! Obviously, we didn’t emerge from there until several hours later, blinking and blinded by the sun.

Mom and Dad gave me some gardening-related gifts to help with my newfound hobby, along with a potted Gerbera Daisy and baby Daffodils! Mom also bought me a teeny garden gnome at JoAnne’s who will find his way onto my blog soon….. 🙂

We dropped Brelynn off at Liberty for the Rush of Fools concert, then headed over to Bulls Steakhouse. It was fantastic. I was only slightly embarrassed – the staff brought out a loud cowbell and sang a short song to announce to the WHOLE restaurant it was my birthday. Totally forgivable.

Mom and Dad went back to Danville, and I picked Brelynn up from the concert – she’s spending the night with me tonight! YAY!

Today was packed full of fun and I really loved how my brother and other sister, Brittany, took time out of their busy schedules to send messages my way. Also, last year Josiah was in Iraq for my birthday, so it was a big gift just having him home!

It was so, so good to be able to devote the day to what I love – family, creativity, and laughter.


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