Small Things

I’ve been busy lately. Very, very busy. I got a second job a week ago, and coordinating both work schedules each week is a practically a THIRD job. Bryson and Lindsay’s wedding was GREAT! It was a stressful day because I was the photographer, sister of the groom, AND played guitar and sang with my sisters during the ceremony! Thankfully, everything flowed smoothly and it was an absolutely beautiful day. I’m working on the 20 gigs of photo/HD video in my spare time and plan to have at least the photos finished this week. I’ve got several shooting jobs booked for May, a Liberty graduation coming up, and planning my own wedding for October.

Therefore, I’m having to make a conscious effort to take breaks every so often so I don’t overstress. (Is that a word??!)

Some photos from several of my small moments this week:

(my dining room table)

(homemade sandwich from my lunch yesterday – all fresh and locally-grown ingredients from the Amish store, Anderson’s Market, on freshly baked whole wheat bread! SO GOOD.)

(Left: my backyard garden is growing! Most of the seeds we planted last week have sprouted – I can’t WAIT until it all blooms!)

(Right: This little plant is called Hens and Chicks. Josiah and I went to the Lynchburg Community Market this morning and a nice little lady let me take one of these home :))

(Two old magazines I bought on Main Street today in downtown Lynchburg. I’m in love with all the ads inside – advertising designers were so much classier back then. The magazine on the left is dated September 15th, 1941 – 3 months before the Pearl Harbor attack. The magazine on the right is from 1949.)

Stay in touch! I’ll be posting the highlights from Bryson and Lindsay’s wedding soon!


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