Our Wedding / The Invitations

To say the least, I was consumed.

I’d been thinking and planning since before Josiah and I got engaged, and it got out of hand really quickly. I changed wedding themes about 3 times. Long before Pinterest, I had my own form of it saved in files on my desktop labeled ‘Wedding Plans’. I had separate folders for cakes, dresses, favors, decor, invitations, color schemes, food, etc. I’d see a photo on a wedding blog, drag it to a folder, and type in the name why I loved the idea.

I designed invitation after invitation. To me, it was the calling card to our wedding – the first impression. I spent hours brainstorming how to make our invitation suite different. In the end, after a year in design, I came up with this invitation and information card:

I settled on the idea of a map theme because geography has played a big part in both of our lives. I was born in Pennsylvania, moved to Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and back to Virginia. His Dad is from Indiana. His Mom’s side is from Mexico. He was born in Texas, then moved to Virginia. We met in Lynchburg. He deployed to Iraq while we were dating. Throughout our relationship, we’ve dealt with distance. I wrote him letters while he was in Georgia at Fort Benning with the Army. We talked on Skype from Virginia to Iraq for 7 months.

I wanted our invitations to portray the travel/geography feel, so I was determined to make them a wow factor, indicative of our wedding-to-come. Over the course of a month, Josiah and I lined 150 light blue envelopes with maps from real atlases. Each envelope had a unique map lining. I designed the invitations and info cards in Photoshop and printed them at Piedmont Printing and Graphics in Danville. We used red and white Divine Twine to tie the invitation bundles together. I used a rubber stamp with an ampersand to mark the front of the tag in grey, then wrote the recipients’ first names on the other side.  My talented brother drew a map to include so people could find the ceremony and reception. I scanned it into Photoshop, typed in road names and landmarks, reprinted it, then painted in color with watercolors. I rescanned it and had it printed at FedEx. In the left photo below is what the bundle ended up looking like. You can see the light blue envelope with map liner, then the bundle tied together with twine, including the invitation, map in green, and info card. The name tag with the ‘&’ is tied on top into the bow.

photo by Jarnett Photography

We used  Glue Dots to hold the envelope flap down, then secured with an adorable little white lace heart sticker by Martha Stewart. I hand-addressed each one, and used Merchant Marine stamps with ships (another favorite component of mine!) I hunted all over Lynchburg and Danville for these stamps – since apparently everyone else loved them as much as I did. To all the postmasters that tried to get me to take those ‘LOVE’ hydrangea or wedding bell stamps when I insisted I needed “the ship ones”  for my wedding, thank you for trying. I’m sorry I was so confusing and odd.

Once I had the first one all put together, I was SO HAPPY with how it turned out! Josiah will tell you – as we left the print shop, I kept squealing intermittently over the next few days with, “WOW! I lovethemIlovethem I LOVE THEM!!” and “YAY! They turned out perfectly! They’re perfect!” or “OH MY GOSH. Josiah! Aren’t these great! I love them. Do you love them? I think they’re so cool. Look at this picture I took of them! Do you love them?” Bless his heart – he survived all that. 🙂

It was by far my favorite project from the wedding. My baby.

photo by Jarnett Photography


2 responses

  1. Oh my goodness, I have not started planning my wedding yet (we’ll ignore the fact that we’ve been engaged almost a year) but I am ABSOLUTELY creating a ‘things I don’t want file’ as soon as I get home tonight! Best idea ever!

    January 11, 2012 at 9:01 pm

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