: parents of children on Toddlers and Tiaras. (or any untelevised beauty pageant)

Really, America? When did you, as mothers, decide it was ok to dye your three-year-old’s hair, clip in a pair of false teeth,  and tell her she “has to be perfect”? Often the camera pans to the audience, showing a sparse attendance of around 20 people. That’s why you’re waxing your 4-year-old’s eyebrows, telling her to do her “sexy walk”, fake-tanning your 2-year-old, juicing her up on Red Bulls, bribing her with a puppy, and spending $3,000 for one weekend?

“It’s built her confidence so much!” they all gush. “She really shines on the stage and LOVES to do pageants!!!”

HELLO! THEY are BABIES! Not shy college students with introverted tendencies! Tender, impressionable, innocent BABIES.

Your mission is to nurture, protect, teach. If you want to build her confidence, enroll her in a dance class. Want to improve social skills? How about the Girl Scouts? However, putting your baby in fake everything while announcing who won “Most Beautiful Face” sounds like preparation for a hard life of self-doubt, not confidence. Who are you really doing the pageants for, moms? Let’s be honest here.

//end rant.


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