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A Family Christmas

This year was different.

It was the first Christmas since 1988 that all Shipton family members weren’t together on the 25th. Through the years we’ve lived in countless houses in about 7 different cities and states, but we always were together for Christmas. Two big  events happened in 2011, though. Bryson (my brother) married Lindsay (from Florida). Also, I married Josiah. Since Bryson lives in Florida and Lindsay is a nurse, she had to work on Christmas day and they planned to visit us on the 28th. I could tell Mom was sad about us not being together for the first time — I was too. However, we were able to make the day special with our same traditions and just did Bryson and Lindsay’s part a few days later. The holiday was still so much fun and I’m more sad that it’s over! Here are some iPhone and camera photos to document.

To start off, Josiah’s parents came over for dinner on Thursday night to visit our apartment for the first time. I was super nervous and cleaned like a maniac! I “speed-decorated” and hung about 10 pictures on the wall in ten minutes. It went well though and I only set the fire alarm off once (trying to light an oil lamp). His parents knew that I’d been getting more interested in power tools for crafting so they gave me a jigsaw and a bunch of drill bits!!! I’m so excited to get started on some home projects.

Josiah and I had our Christmas on Friday morning. We gave each other gifts, and he did SO well! (Thank you, Pinterest! :)) He gave me this adorable necklace! Shown below are some other gifts from him – Eiffel Tower bookends, these lovely Minnetonka Moccasins, art from here, and The Hunger Games series (which I DEVOURED) <—pun

Josiah also hit it out of the park with the Bamboo Graphics Tablet he got me. I’ve been wanting one forever – and he remembered. Without Pinterest!!!! He also got me Water for Elephants – because I refuse to watch the movie until I read it. In the bottom right corner is one of the gifts I got him. I custom matted and framed a poster from Boondock Saints – probably his favorite movie! 

After Josiah and I opened our gifts, we drove to Danville and stayed there until Christmas. We spent the rest of Friday shopping and chilling at the house. Then on Saturday, we drove to Salisbury, NC to visit my mom and dad’s parents. On Christmas we got up and went to church, came home and ate ham (yum), and opened gifts. Carrying on with the power tool theme, Mom and Dad got us a toolbox and pliers set which I absolutely LOVE! . After the gifts, we all played around with our new things then went to the movies to see War Horse. Good but sad. 😦 / 🙂

On the 28th, Bryson and Lindsay arrived. It was so fun having everyone there! I set up my camera and Macbook for a photo booth-style family portrait session (as seen below). We had a BLAST taking goofy photos and laughing at my Dad (he may or may not have made an appearance in full-body footed fleece pajamas…) Brittany and Brelynn spent the weekend away at winter camp, so Mom and Dad, Bryson and Lindsay, and Josiah and I got to go on a triple date together! We ate dinner, then visited Home Depot (as seen below, left). Dad tested a Dremel and Mom looked on, extremely interested as you can tell. We then went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie and I loved it! Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, the photo on the right is another gift I made for Josiah – he’s really into mustaches lately. 🙂

So now the holidays are over and everyone is back in their own cities and at work again. I miss them all so much already! But this Christmas was a blast – my family is the best!