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Rachael + Owen – Married

Special thanks to the bride and groom’s families – you were wonderful! Also, many many thanks to Stephen Woosley who did a FANTASTIC job as second shooter.

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Fall Shoots Coming Soon

Lucy & Buckley Engaged

Preview: Buckley and Lucy

B&L – Part II

Promised you there’d be more 😉

These photos could go on for days, but I picked out a few that highlighted the time after the ceremony…

Lindsay’s handkerchief was made out of her mom’s wedding dress – so sweet!

(Love Dad’s face in this one) 🙂

A dance with her dad…..

And a hug from her mom…

And they’re off in a cloud of bubbles!! 

B&L – Part I

I can’t believe this day is over and they’re married now – it seems so strange, but we always knew it would happen eventually. 🙂 Let me give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Janette Bolan, my second shooter for the day. She kept me sane and was such a big help!

This one below is of my favorites that Janette took from Bryson and Lindsay’s first look at each other before the ceremony:

Seeing Lindsay walk down the aisle….

Then the tears came….

(I love the look from Lindsay’s grandmother in the bottom left corner!)

Stay tuned for Part 2!

A heart that loves is always young.

My grandparents were married in 1952.

They’re still in love, and when I asked them to take this photo last week, he smiled at her fondly and she giggled and held his hand. Wow! I was nearly in tears behind the lens.

With two weddings going on this week, I’ve been thinking about love a lot. My grandparents’ marriage is so admirable and honorable – they are two of my most important role models when it comes to learning about true, enduring biblical love.

I’m so proud of them!

Amanda + Eddie

More lovey-doveys! Between the two of them, they have about 50 gazillion piercings. Amanda has 80% of those! She’s hardcore.

Bryson + Lindsay Engaged

Jen and Dan Engaged